We provide the very best stilt walkers for any type of event:corporate, parades, children’s parties, , festival,  community, street and promotional.

Good vs Evil Stilt Walkers:
These characters were created for the La Jolla Concourse Fundraiser 2016. http://www.lajollaconcours.com/

Living Runway: Guest walk on a 20-foot runway to meet a beautiful living statue, whom is half ivory + half eggplant. She guides them either on their path to good or to face the shadow of evil.

Moth Stilt Walker that molts into a Butterfly in front of guests: It takes courage to transition into the butterfly you are.

Vine Stilt-Man emerges from the walls and corners to surprise guests.

Half crow / half dove Stilt Walker reminds us that there is duality in all beings. Being present with this balance helps one embrace the peace of the Dove and the wisdom of the Crow.

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