This amazing one of a kind show will definitely be that wow factor people will be talking about for years to come!
The Tesla Show can be hired Solo, as a Duet, Trio, or as a full production with Fire or LED Performers.

-Tesla Performers wield 10-foot arcs of real electricity
-1 million volts & 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit
-Ancient and futuristic technologies
-Heroic theme of personal & cultural sustainability

Request a quote for the following:➔ Solo Tesla ➔Duo Tesla ➔Tesla Dancing ➔Tesla Throwing
➔ Additional Performers ➔ Additional Tesla Coils ➔ Tesla Safety Cage ➔ Pyrotechnics ➔ Fire Package ➔ LED Package ➔ Visuals Package ➔ Sound & Lighting Package

Lightning Dancing and Throwing… What’s the difference?
➔ In Dancing shows, the performer(s) leap across the stage as they manipulate arcs of lightning that radiate from the Tesla coil itself. ➔ In Throwing shows, the performer stands atop a 9ft platform and throws lightning bolts down towards the stage or towards other dancers on the stage. In these shows, the performer is the source of the electrical arcs. ➔ Some show packages include both Throwing and Dancing. In these, the finale features the performer standing on the platform throwing arcs of lightning down to the dancers on the stage.

Tesla and Giant Tesla… What’s the difference?
➔ All Tier 2 packages are Tesla Packages. These use our standard Tesla coil that is 4ft tall and throws arcs of lightning up to 6 ft long. This coil is a great option for venues and events where space is a limiting factor; it does not need a forklift to set up and uses less power. ➔ All Tier 3 packages are Giant Tesla Packages. Our Giant Tesla Coil is 8ft tall and throws arcs of lightning up to 12 ft long. These packages represent our full-scale production.

Tesla Act Lightening Act

Tesla Act Lightening Act


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