Mermaids are available for your event.
Mermaids swim, lounge and add mystique to any event.

San Diego Reader chose our mermaids as one of the “Top 100 Reason’s to Love San Diego”.

Pool Parties, Yacht Parties, Pirate Themes, Children’s Parties, just for fun events, weddings, environmental projects … everyone loves chillin’ with MyMermaids!



“The magical, mysterious and marvelous mermaid joined us in Cabo. What a beauty and we had such a blast with her. How amazing!” – Dave Kemp

“We had Nomads Artz come to our daughter’s 1st birthday. The Mermaid was a gorgeous mermaid, her tail was similar to the movie Splash, in fact she looked like she stepped off a movie set. She had pirates with her and an acrobat in a treasure chest. She told a story and when she tapped the treasure chest an acrobat came out and performed, then crawled back in. The theme was “An Ocean of Imagination.” She brought props for the kids to play with, umbrella’s shaped like jellyfish, she involved the kids in the story….it was really incredible! Everyone, including the adults, LOVED the party. I will absolutely use this company again. They were 10 out of 10 in every way possible.” – D.R.

“What an amazing and beautiful gift to Cheri and Roger.
Everyone is still talking about it – the Fire, Sirens, Mermaid, Greek God –
I can still see the dancer sweeping through the room with her large fan.
I still can’t believe how wonderfully all the incredible pieces came together- And, thank heavens, we brought in your sound and light folks!  
Guests were startled, amazed and delighted by your unique and special show.
Leilainia, every time I work with you and your performers, I come away with new knowledge of heart and soul
You are a gifted and a treasure-
Thank you to all your performers for the added depth and dimension to
Cheri and Roger’s Wedding Celebration!
-Laney (Elaine Graybill) Regarding the Mermaid Mythology Show.

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