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Entertainment that creates astonishing experiences, which imprints lasting memories.

We offer character actors, roaming entertainment, small shows in your home and produce full stage shows.
What ever the scale we make it a perfect fit for your theme and vision.


Here are some themes we've done in the past:


Arabian Nights

Pirate Party

Latin Nights

Art Party

Summer Luau

African Nights

Bohemian Cirque


Fairy World

Children's Parties


Haunted House

Cirque Extravaganza

Vampire /


Fire Shows

Greek /

Black Light /
Glow party

Flamenco Flare

Candy Land

5-course dinner with entertainment

Girls Night Out

Dr Suess

Burning Man

Hookah Lounge

Alice In Wonderland

Under The Sea / Mermaids /
Ocean Aquatics


dr suess

theme shows





Pirates and Mermaids:

pirates mermaids mermaid under teh sea show

p ppp



Art Party :
Enchant guests with an "What Dreams May Come" Garden Party, with artists, stealers, jugglers and acrobatics.
art parties
Create a Garden Art Party at your home!

- 3 artists painting on a huge canvas that you can keep and admire. They would be dressed up in unique dreamy outfits.
- 4 stilt walkers roaming around. ( 2 in renaissance outfits , 1 in an angle outfit, 1 in a darker outfit)
- 2 fairies / jesters, performing with various props like poi, hula hoops, ribbons and even fire.
- 1 roaming magician

Great for the artistic crowd and children's parties.

art parties


Children's Parties! Aladdin & Jasmine
Have a belly dancer teach class & perform at your birthday party!

Create an Aladdin ambiance with face painting, music, costumes and belly dancers!
Get dressed up like Princess Jasmine and learn the enchanted culture of the Middle East!

Girl Scout troupe classes
Mother & Daughter Classes
Learn about the culture
Take a music class


NOMADS: Embark on a cultural journey through dance, music and mystique.

This inspiring show is a modern twist on the Traditional Arabian Nights.

3-4 piece band: Middle Eastern Modern Fusion music. Baby electric sitar, bass guitar, Sitar, drums and percussion.
2 belly dancers: Southern California’s most talented, beautiful, fit, creative and artistic belly dancers.
2 snake dancers: Snake Dancers with Candles and Swords. Classy, talented, stunning snake dancers to mesmerize your guests with a sultry show. We guarantee these fabulous interactive dancers will enchant and charm your guests. They enter with candles adding a mystical timeless ambiance. Then slice the thick snake charming allure with their scimitar. They truly add a WOW factor to any event!
2 fire dancers: Fire dancers have their own insurance and need to be outside. They can be as outrageous as a full theatrical show with fire winged costumes and fire breathers to a few female dancers with fire fingers and poi.
Show time: 1 -4 hour

belly dancer

*Create an atmosphere that transports your guests to a unique evening of bohemian /harem/ Arabic lounge with belly dancers, snake dancers, fire dancers, stilt walkers and live music mixed with funky eastern / asian beats.


Roman Empire Festival
This show can be grandiose or simple. This is only a quote and may change with availability and length. Stilt Walkers and Snake dancers may also be available.

2 Human Statutes: 2 Men in Roman Empire costumes at the entrance with Palm fans ( Later these men will be part of the show. Showcasing the dancers.
4 Gypsy/ Belly dancers : May be dressed in Queen Alexandra or Cleopatra style outfits and in belly dance outfits.
1 Juggler: roaming around the event
1 Jester: roaming around the event.
2 fire dancers : Fire dancers have their own insurance and need to be outside. They can be as outrageous as a full theatrical show with fire winged costumes and fire breathers to a few female dancers with fire fingers and poi.
Show Time: 2 hrs - 4 hrs

sparticus Party

hoop dancer


Cirque Extravaganza
This diverse show includes an array of talented cirque performers. This show is to a CD with limited stage needs. Most artists will be mingling around crowd.

1 Stilt walker will greet your guests as they arrive
1 contortionist will taunt your guests with her amazing flexibility.
2 fire dancers will dazzle the crowds with their fire arts, such as fire chains, fire sword, fire fingers, etc
1 silk scarf dancer will dance with glowing silk scarves.
1 glow hula hoop dancer will dance around the crowd in a circle of lights.
Show time: 1 hour + 20 minutes of greeting by Stilt walker

fire dancers arizona




**Add a Musician and DJ to any packages:

Electronica / Breakbeat / Psychedelic - The sound is a raw urban breakbeat and world music mixture designed to get in to the psyche and move you... their performances include guest percussionists, vocalists and some of the hottest dancers in the universe.