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Ambient Characters

Create the ambiance of any theme by having characters dressed in theme roam your event
and interact with the crowd.

Interactive Character Entertainers with Wings, Hoops, Ribbons, and a whole lot of interaction!

Sea Creatures, Living Statues, Circus, Mimes, Jungle, Belly Dancers, Snake Dancers and so much more.
Your imagination is the limit!

Featured Artist: Experience the living music box as she dances gracefully.
living statue Experience the wonder of Angelique as she dances for you on her enchanted music box. With porcelain features, a brilliantly adorned ball gown, and a presence that radiates mystery and grace, Angelique captivates audiences of all ages. Dancing to music that moves from hypnotic and mystical to charming and playful, this living music box will stir your imagination to new heights. Angelique - The Living Music Box adds a mesmerizing element to any occasion. For all who encounter this stunning piece of living art, they gain a memory of lasting joy, wonder, and magic.

avatarcharactersscarlott ohara
Avatar ..... ..... ....................Super Hero .Southern Bell ... .Southern Bell........*

bond girlbelly dancerbird girl
Bond Girl .... ..... ..................Belly Dancer .... ..... ................Jungle ....

Spartacus Theme

circuscharacter actor for your party

foxcharacter actorcharacter actor for your party

character actorcharacter actor for your partycharacter actor for your party

character actor for your party